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Gloria Moore Memorial Water Fall

The water feature in the Rain Forest is a memory of Gloria Moore, which was made possible by designated contributions by members, volunteers, family, and friends of Gloria. The water feature idea was developed by Sam Comer, HBG Board member and was built by Florida Falls.

Waterfall exhibit


Gloria was 1 of the “Band of 5” that founded Heathcote Botanical Gardens. After her passing in October of 2011, contributions began to come in and requests for a special memorial. Also, the Osteen Foundation through the Rotary Club of Fort Pierce donated $5,000 to the memorial. We are thankful for all the generosity and kindness from these folks whose passion was to leave a lasting memorial to “Our Founding Mother, Gloria Moore.”

Portugal's Gardens featuring the Azores and Lisbon

June 06 - June 15, 2014

10 Days • 15 Meals

Highlights: St. Michael, Azores, Sete Cidades, Ponta Delgada, Furnas Valley, Terra Nostra Park, Lisbon, Queluz Palace & Gardens, Sintra, Quinta da Regaleira Gardens, Cascais, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Jeronimo's Monastery,

Open to everyone, not just members!

For full details, itinerary and cost click here.

Water Conservation at Heathcote

Methods used at Heathcote to create a Florida Friendly Landscape and

Conserve Water, Decreasing Watershed


To conserve water Heathcote has three  gardens that are irrigated by a drip irrigation system.  Most of our annual beds and containers are  watered by hand.  We also use  sprinkler control panels that water    between midnight and 4:00AM, which have rain sensors that control over watering during rainy times.  


The Garden is mulched with recycled tree mulch that does not contain material from native trees.  The mulching of beds conserves water by providing a moist layer adjacent to the soil.


At Heathcote we have two native plant gardens.  The plants in these areas are all native to Florida and have minimal watering requirements.

The full sun native area is on the west side of the Pioneer Field.  In this area you will find the following natives that like full sun:

Gaillardia, Blue Porterweed, False Rosemary, Wild Pennyroyal,     Necklace Pod, Cocoplum, Dahoon Holly, Slash Pine, Simpson Stopper, Sabal Palm, as well as the vines Coarl Honeysuckle and Carolina  Yellow Jessamine.

The part sun native area and  Butterfly Garden have the following Florida native plants:

Autograph Tree, White Indigoberry, Bloodberry,  Locustberry, White Stopper, Jamaica Caper, Coral Bean, Wild Coffee, Beauty Berry, Goldenrod, Lizard’s Tail, Blue-Eyed Grass, Beach Sunflower, Yellowtop, and Coreopsis.