Florida Native Wildflower Bee Habitat

Did you know 30 percent of our food depends on pollination from bees? Without bees, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy such things as blueberries, melons and almonds. The Florida Native Wildflower Bee Habitat at Heathcote demonstrates plants you can use in your own landscape to provide food and habitat to both honey bees and native bees. The garden is sponsored by the Florida Wildflower Foundation and American Bee Project.

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Fun Fact: Florida has more than 200 species of native bees, which don’t sting because they’re not territorial like honey bees.

First Place Award

Seth Nelson, our Bonsai Curator, has now won TWO awards with bonsai from our James Smith Bonsai Gallery collection. The Ficus microcarpa ‘Kinmen’ received the Best Broadleaf Award at the 2015 Winter Bonsai Expo. Earlier this year, our Ficus salicaria, or Willow Leaf Ficus, took Best Tree in Show at the Annual Bonsai Societies of Florida Convention. Thank you, Seth, for your wonderful work in caring for these precious bonsai!

Postcards from Home

Erick Gill, Public Information Manager for St. Lucie County, has produced two “Postcards from Home” video segments about Heathcote. The first features an interview with Miriam Charles, our Director and Head Gardener, with general information about the Gardens. The second is an interview with Tom Salmon, Project Director for our Garden of Lights, with the story behind this sparkling event.

You can find them both on YouTube at the following link:

Just click and enjoy!


Purrr-fectly Grateful!

Recently Heathcote sent out a call for donations to our Feline Fund, and the response was quick and generous. Our cats are purring with gratitude for their well-stocked pantry. Your kind help has allowed all of them to have wellness vet checks and to bring their shots up-to-date. Poko, (shown here) a 14-year resident at Heathcote, and friends send their thanks. They think you are better than catnip!

Virtual Views of the Garden

Photographer John O’Connor has just finished a panoramic photo session at Heathcote Botanical Gardens.  Get a Virtual View of the garden and enjoy his most interesting work at the following website http://fpvt.net/HBG

Presentation to the City Commissioners

On Monday July 20, 2015 Robin Goldman of Heathcote Botanical Gardens gave a presentation to Mayor Hudson and the City Commissioners of Fort Pierce, Florida on the upcoming Treasure Coast Garden of Lights presented by Bud and Dot Adams. Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce will be hosting this event on weekends from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. The Commissioners and Mayor Hudson gave their enthusiastic support for this event both publicly and privately. Volunteers are continuing their preparations to display the hundreds of Light Flowers in the Garden as well as other lighting effects. The Illumination will be the most innovative on the Treasure Coast and will be expanded year by year. Assisting Robin for the evening were volunteers Tom and Judy Salmon.


To view the recorded meeting click on the following link http://fortpiercefl.swagit.com/play/07202015-727/#30: when the page opens, find in the right hand section “11 a. MISCELLANEOUS REPORTS & REQUESTS”, then click on the green video icon to the left of “Presentation “Garden of Lights” by Robin Goldman, Fundraiser/Event Coordinator with Heathcote Botanical Gardens”.

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