Fall Plant Sale Job Descriptions


Front Admissions requires sitting, answering questions, and handing out event programs. Field Admissions requires standing, walking, answering questions, and handing out event programs. Please indicate “front”, “field” or “either” on your signup sheet. FREE ADMISSION to the event.


Provide information about Heathcote, recruit new volunteers, & survey guests to gather feedback about the event. Requires some moving around.


Make coffee in the morning and set out donuts for vendors and volunteers in the volunteer booth. Workers please arrive by 7:30 am. on Saturday and 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.


Responsible for counting the number of people coming to the event. Requires sitting and/or standing.

Drink & Food Sales:

Sell drinks and food to benefit the Gardens. Must be comfortable with handling money. Requires some standing and slight lifting.

Gate Security:

Direct visitors to the front and/or field gate. Keep unauthorized cars out of the back gate area, direct vendors to vendor parking. Requires sitting, standing, and some walking.
Morning workers please arrive by 7:30 am.


Relieve vendors and volunteers for short breaks, take drinks to other volunteers. Not responsible for taking money in vendor booths. Help with area clean-up and trash removal. Requires walking and mild lifting.

Marian’s Plants:

Sell plants propagated at Heathcote, answer questions, collect money. Requires some plant knowledge and moving around.


Recruit new members; provide information on membership benefits; and Commemorative Brick information. Greet visitors as they arrive, make them feel welcome, answer questions Requires knowledge of membership and the gardens. Requires sitting, standing, and some moving around.


Answer telephones, give directions, answer questions from callers, vendors, and visitors. Requires good phone skills & sitting. Morning workers please arrive by 7:30 am.


Direct visitors and vendors to parking areas. Field Parking requires handing out programs to cars and directing cars to park. Morning workers please arrive by 7:30 am.


Take photos to document the event. Must have your own digital camera. Requires walking.

Plant Holding:

Tag and hold plants for visitors while they shop. Does not involve money collecting. Requires some lifting and moving around.

Plant Loading:

Assist visitors in loading plants and other items into their cars. Requires moving and lifting.

Set Up/Clean Up:

Set up and take down tables, chairs, tents, etc. prior to and after the event. Requires lifting.

Volunteer Sign-In:

Assist with volunteer sign-in and guide volunteers to their designated areas. Staff Volunteer Table during event and answer questions for visitors. Morning workers please arrive by 7:30 am