“This is Your Lagoon…Where we were…”

In collaboration with the Arts & Cultural Alliance St. Lucie County

Enjoy stepping back in time into our Pioneer House while learning a bit about our Indian River Lagoon.This is Your Lagoon invites you to cross the bridge of science and art. Over the course of the next year we will feature photography and science exploration, as it relates to the Indian River Lagoon. The focus is on the past in our current exhibit, “Where we were…” Enjoy black and white photos from our local families donated for the process from our St Lucie County Historical Society. Learn about the expanse of our lagoon, waterways and the importance of our history from agriculture to fishing and travel along the River. Enjoy stories from historians and history exhibits at the new Adams Cobb Cultural Center Hurricane Exhibit and St. Lucie County Regional History Center.

Watch for the progression of exhibits to “Where we are now…and Where we are going…” This collaboration will bring in noted scientists from FAU-Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute and Smithsonian Marine Station at Ft. Pierce. Local photographers in residence follow scientists to create a visual journey. Experience stepping into the works of renowned scientists right in your own backyard!

For further information call Heathcote Botanical Gardens 210 Savannah Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34982 (772) 464-4672 The exhibit is located in our pioneer house and our hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 9AM – 5PM

We Need Pots!

ASK FOR POTSWe have again partnered with all your favorite local artists to bring you Art in the Garden in September. We again need donations of clean, undamaged terra cotta plant pots of any size, which the artists will turn into beautiful pieces for your home and garden, as well as any unused ornamental garden pieces, even if they have seen better days! Please drop these off to the Gardens (Gift Shop area) in the next few weeks. Many thanks!

Save The Date Art For the Garden September 19, 2015 5pm-8pm at The Art House Gallery, 108 N 2nd Street, Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Caladium Workshop

Saturday August 22nd 10:00-11:30AM.  The HOTTER The BETTER!  Learn about the history and horticulture of these spectacular heat-loving tuberous plants.  Participants will plant and take home a container.  Additional bulbs will be for sale.  Presented by Merry Savoy of Fancy Leaf Caladiums.

Call to reserve your space 772-464-4672; $10 for Heathcote Members and $15 for non-members.

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Summer Camp Concludes with World of Weather

Children gathered on the Main Lawn for Day 5 of our camp. The kids made paper helicopters and airplanes to play with in our summer breeze. Miss Nan used a globe to show where in the world tornadoes are most likely to form. She demonstrated this wind vortex with a water vortex in the Reflection Garden pool. Then the children created a water vortex through a neat experiment with soda bottles, a washer, and duct tape.

 campday 5 - 5 (Mobile)
 campday 5 - 10 (Mobile)

After a bit of summer fun with balls, Frisbees, and small golf clubs, everyone gathered to create an edible rainbow above a palm garden out of veggies and fruit. Certificates for campers capped off the week of fun and learning.

campday 5 - 11 (Mobile)

campday 5 -19 (Mobile) (Custom)


Camp Day 4 Explores World of Insects

Campers began Day 4 in the Pioneer House where they had an interactive lesson on insects. They learned about the difference between a person’s endoskeleton and an insect’s exoskeleton. Children used little fingers to eat marshmallows in the way that ladybugs gather aphids with their mandibles. They explored the Butterfly Garden looking for butterfly eggs with magnifying lenses.

campday 4 - 3 (Mobile)

Food activities followed the theme with a veggie endoskeleton and celery and pretzel butterflies.

campday 4 - 5 (Mobile)

campday 4 - 7 (Mobile)


Camp Day 3 Features Pioneer Life

Campers gathered at the Pioneer House to learn about the life of Florida settlers in the 1880s. Our small pioneers made butter, kneaded dough, washed clothes in tubs, and hung them on a line with wooden clothes pins.

campday 3 - 4 (Mobile)

campday 3 - 5 (Mobile)

campday 3 - 6 (Mobile)

They tried a pioneer game of watermelon spitting. Since our modern watermelon was seedless, the kids spit watermelon pieces instead. Then they carved watermelon bowls to serve fruit snacks. Many thanks to Nelson Family Farms for the donation of the tasty fruit and veggies used for our camp.

 campday 3 - 11 (Mobile)

 campday 3 - 16 (Mobile)


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