Garden of Lights Volunteers

The Board and management of Heathcote Botanical Garden wish to thank everyone who volunteered to make the inaugural season of Garden of Lights such a huge success. From the designers and creators of those light flowers to the dozens of individuals who “manned” the event.

Now, however, is the time to begin to plan and build for the 2016 Garden of Lights, because it is during the winter months that we have many more individuals available to help out, and in the summer it is simply too hot to work outside. Thus this call for volunteers to help construct the light flowers in order to expand the display to include more of the garden for a better visitor experience.

We shall incorporate a new Vegetable Garden and additional light “critters”, thus there will be ample opportunity for imaginative and creative minds to assist.  Work sessions are usually held from 10 to 12 on weekdays, but if enough people show interest an evening session can be scheduled. Construction of light flowers is not demanding and the sessions usually take on a social air as well.

To volunteer to be part of the most innovative holiday illumination in Florida please respond at 772-464-4672 or via e-mail to

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