Today, a swathe of emerald lawn offers a gathering place in the middle of the Gardens; but we can thank Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne for providing this space. Prior to the storms in 2004 this area was home to a gigantic Indian Laurel tree. It was one of many trees lost to the storms, but this led to a new use of the space as a large gathering area. Brides in white gowns, moms having Mother’s Day picnics, people relaxing to great music, bustling festivals—all these and more receive a gracious welcome on the Main Lawn.

The space is bordered by spreading live oaks and vibrant flower beds. Paths lead off in all directions to other garden rooms. Relax on a bench at the edge of the lawn and decide which path to explore next.

One special specimen resides on the Lawn itself. A rare triple-headed sabal palm, estimated to be over 140 years old, moved several times before coming back to Heathcote.