Garden of Lights Job Descriptions

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Or call: 772-464-4672

Admissions & Counters (6-8)

Responsible for collecting cash or credit card admission fees at the two entrance gates to the event. Must be comfortable handling money, making change and processing credit card sales.

Display Security (6-10)

Works and rotates as a team to assure that areas where lights are located are secure and guests are not moving into light displays. This is to protect guests from tripping on wires and also to protect the integrity of the display. Requires standing and walking.

Gift Shop (2)

Volunteers will be at the cash register to check out guest’s purchases or will be floating through the gift shop and assisting guests with purchases. Must be comfortable handling money and credit card transactions. Requires standing, walking and knowledge of gift shop procedures. Training provided throughout the year.

Heathcote Bear (1-2)

The Heathcote Bear is an opportunity for guests to take “selfie” photos. Be available to take guests’ photographs with their equipment if requested. Keep guests in an orderly line near the Bear as warranted by traffic volume. Must be comfortable using cameras and cell phones. Requires standing.

Parking (6-10)

Volunteers will direct cars to appropriate parking areas and direct guests to the entrance of the event. Requires standing and walking. (Sketch of appropriate parking will be available.)

Smores (2)

Guests will have the opportunity to make SMORES (A marshmallow is toasted and put between graham crackers with a piece of chocolate.) Volunteers must be comfortable handling transactions. Transactions will be cash only. Standing and moving around is required.

Floaters (3)

Assist wherever needed such as filling in for no shows, relief of others for a break, etc. Standing and moving around is required.

Garden Ambassadors (1-2)

Provide information for memberships, volunteers, classes, upcoming events, raffles etc.

Volunteer Sign in/Hospitality (1-2)

Assist with volunteer sign-in and guide volunteers to their designated areas. Relieve volunteers and vendors for short breaks. Not responsible for taking money in vendor booths.