Heathcote was beautiful and amazing! Walking through it was like being in an oasis. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves flowers. – Todd F. from Heathcote’s TripAdvisor page.

Heathcote Botanical Gardens consists of an assortment of specialty gardens including a Japanese Garden, Reflection Garden, Herb Garden, Rainforest Display, Native Plants Garden and a Palm & Cycad Walk. These areas convey an atmosphere of individual garden rooms. Through this type of garden design, you will sense the intimacy of this unique botanical garden. Gracing the areas in between these specialty gardens are borders of flowering shrubs, bulbs, trees, vines and other assorted herbaceous plants. Niches found throughout the garden provide varied microclimates, which allows the use of a wide variety of plants ranging from those found in Mediterranean climates to the Tropics.

Heathcote Botanical Gardens is located on the southeast coast of Florida, in USDA PLANT HARDINESS zone 10A, and has both native Florida flora as well as exotic flora from around the world. It is uniquely situated in a biological transition zone between a warm-temperate zone to the north and a subtropical zone to the south. A transition zone contains species that are characteristic of the adjacent region to its north and south, as well as species that occur only in the transition zone. In the botanical world this is advantageous because it allows for greater diversity, which means that one may grow many kinds of plants from around the world that live under conditions associated with three climatic zones.

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Since 1960, Heathcote has been the source of education, activities and generous donations.

Heathcote Shares a Rich History with the Treasure Coast

Our labeled, plant collections are both grouped in specific areas in the Garden and dispersed throughout the Garden. Other plants of interest that tend to capture many of our visitors’ eyes and spark numerous inquiries have also been labeled. Labeling helps the local Garden visitor determine what plants they have in their own Florida home landscapes or what plants they may want to add. Visitors from all over the US and the world find the information on the plant labels interesting and helpful.

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