Homeschoolers Hop In

Heathcote hosted the Homeschool Hoppers as part of a collaborative field trip series. The Ox-Bow Center, Savannas Preserve State Park, Smithsonian Marine Station, and the Manatee Observation and Education Center are other stops on this journey of learning.

The theme for this series is “Decomposers and Scavengers: Nature’s Recyclers.” At Heathcote Miss Nan led the Hoppers on a search for some of those recyclers. Kids spied earthworms, lichen, and more as they looked up, down, and through plants, compost, and leaf litter.

HS_3503 (Mobile)

HS_3506 (Mobile)

HS_3499 (Mobile)

To learn more about Miss Nan’s educational field trips, please call her at 772-812-1682 or email her at

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